That Weird Boy Lorenzo

by Birote The Musical

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released May 15, 2016

All songs written by Birote The Musical
Neil: Guitar/ Lead Vocals/ Trumpet
Frank: Upright Bass/ Vocals
Chowie: Drums/ Vocals
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at the Palisades



all rights reserved


Birote The Musical San Dimas, California

Making love like Whoopi Goldberg.


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Track Name: That Weird Boy Lorenzo
Drawing pictures of my grandma on her hospital bed, he drew it
Its that weird boy Lorenzo
With her arms poorly drawn they look like onions he sits next to me and passes me the picture
Rivers bursting out the fountain of youth bursts its ways out of my eyes and he laughs Youre evil lorenzo
He pulls out a dead baby hamster and starts to shake it and tells me i always keep her in my pocket
Track Name: Simon
That red head girls holding on to the bus pole in front of me when every seat is taken except for the one next to me
please please just come sit next to me I'm a good guy just give me a chance
I put my hood on to look more mysterious and poetic I know she cant deny me much longer
She turned around and avoided my face, was it the beans in my teeth, was it the dirt in my nails, I knew I shoulda worn my Hollister v neck or was it the beans in my teeth, is it the beans in my teeth, is it the beans in my motherfucking teeth
That red head girl got off on the next bus stop, the only thing she left me was a wiff of her soft sweet strawberry perfume
I got off on the next bus stop with my head pretty low and there was a fat ass cat outside waiting with mayonnaise allover his forehead looking at me like he fingered my grandma
His name was Simon the neighborhood cat he judged me every day since I was 8, I feel Simons judgmental stare on my back he knows girls don't sit next to me on the bus
I'm not alone
I'm not a loner
I don't sit alone in my room and cry about it
Track Name: Black Fungus On A Monkeys Tongue
Stepped on the dog oh my stomach doesn't feel good and the psylisibens rubbing on the forehead of my liver, the mushroom cloud's laughing out a black pit of smoke and the mona lisas trying on her brand new sweat pants while jackie chan steps on my brand new airforce ones
Mushrooms growing between
I'm breathing in the number 36
All the Mexicans on the moon are wearing huaraches with little pants
Yellow green brown little people untie my shoes and take my virginity to the moon and put a tax on it, inflation i should say. Too much tax on it. Too much tax if you ask me.Ohhhhhh rub down my gums when i meet up with Fabricio, the very hairy man that lives deep inside the cardboard box, alwayls slowly rubbing coconut butter on his well toned thighs and i cant ever look away
Rubber Phalangis scraping my ear plugs, horseshoe shapped baby mangos think i know my eyes are getting hairy, my tounge is turning into a small chinese lady disapointed in me, and the sugar wont stop outside the monkeys tounge Azucar dark azucar in the monkeys tounge fungus black fungus on the monkeys tounge
Track Name: Harriet Tubman Deepthroat
i usually lay in bed until i fall asleep but in this dream i keep having this tranny rolls down his window and tells me i took his shoes, I didnt fucking take your fucking shoes you fuckin asshole
like always i regained my cool
but last night the dream went different
He said "i dont need you, i dont love you"
Thats when i noticed my high heels were huring my heels
I sat down in front of the park i grew up in front of
i knew it was just a dream but for some reason this time it hurt me
i saw jason ngyuen sitting on the sidewalk, i sat down next to him, he was counting his yu gi oh cards. then he looked at me and said youre not funny, thats when i noticed i sat back down
I'm a pretty funny guy he doesnt know shit either
i dont understand, this poetry
i dont understand animal pornos
and no one said
i usually lay in bed until i fall asleep
Track Name: Blue
Blue blue blue blue changed my favorite color
while a horse kicked me in the throat
it was carrying around its sweet tits like it owned me
i think it did
but i'm not so bad please let me lay on top of you
cuz theres nothing on the tv
and theres still nothing on the tv
Comidians sitting on my life still standing on my life cant you see i'm impressionable enough to write a song like this and shove it down mother tarresas face and have her mouth feed it back to me but i dont
Track Name: Chandlers House
sitting in the cop car I just missed my good friend chan
I couldn't breath with all this wine in my throat
tried to pay him a visit the sangria in my breath was old
the cop took my back pack and told me to sit in the back of his fucking truck
couldn't breathe with the handcuffs tight and the breathing wouldn't stop
sat there waiting in the back of the police truck with the earths core about to puke the ice age out of my mouth
The cop starting driving and he asked me if I knew why I was here
I shook my head and I told him I didn't
he told me I was burglarizing private property
I nodded my head
so I was
Sitting in the holding cell with the cops smooth baby hands on my balls
I was confused and spinning and staring at the wine puke on my shoes
Dirty dirty dirty boys fill up the Claremont PD
Was just trying to say hi to my old friend when I got caught up as shit in front of chandlers house
Track Name: Fishboy and Felipe
Fish boys walking behind me, she's got thick bifocals she never puts on
her face looks pretty fishy so Felipe calls her fish boy
fish boy walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to see magic
I said ok
so we went behind the tennis courts she stuck her hand down my pants and started pulling
the ringing in my ears wouldn't stop and the pain of fish boys powerful arms sent thunder and lighting through my chest
she asked me if it felt good and she kept on pulling on my dick
my dick and balls turned purple fish boy was beating my child hood memories into my overgrown fucking pubes
That's where babies come from
I went to Felipes house after that
that whole time I heard Felipes dad beat the shit out of him while I played his Gameboy
I walked to my house after that, I saw a dog standing alone on the side walk
and there was a deep pain in my pants where fish boy left it
Track Name: Buffest Arm In History
That guys been only working out his left arm
don't forget that one
he looks like he's been up all night talking to a fucking horse
but when the sky fell on his head it didn't take any time to remember him being born
India lost their champion to the fast food jungle
now he spends his time flipping 23 percent beef patties hey wait
don't make this song about me i didn't rub my personality on my grandmas thong you made that up you know i'm mysterious
yeee hawwww
ok now back to the song and no it was his left arm that was buff
no it was his left
i could end the song right now let me tell the story
the song has a moral and your ruining it ok that's it
Track Name: Raffi With The Wooden Leg
For benicio del martinez, my strange friend
We came together broken chewed up and spit out from the slide
sometimes i see how thick the alone is in your eyes
I dont know how to fix it but i hope this song helps a little bit
and to the long haired sapo that stupid ass name never caught on
I know you still see your mom in your dreams
i know if she was here she would still love you
the name is raffi who are you
the name is raffi how are you
the name is raffi i'm glad i met you
Track Name: Special Ed
Special ed raised me I think
like a new mom trying to push her new born back inside
and the kids in regular ed made me feel sicker than the meds I had to take
and the meds I took for my attention disorder made me pray to every god when thought I was about to die
and the meds I took for my attention disorder made my shoulder smash me right on my jaw
and I'd go back to my special ed class and find a good desk for sleep
I wanted to twitch I tried to twitch when no one looked
I'm scared and I'm still worried that will end up like me
but I don't rememebe3r anything I learned in this black years that is at in special seats
besides meds that don't work and don't forget to wipe the toilet seat before you sit
Special ed raised me
I think
Track Name: Walking Home At Night
A little girl in afghanistan tripped on a water melon, she was walking home on her small feet
I wondered if my feet feel the same as hers
While the sky looks like the dark ocean my dogs eyes have
My hands start to tremble, my heart beats slow
I close my eyes hard and imagine that little girl exists
The sky's so wide and blue
My heart's so wide and blue
All the dark sky it dances all around me
All the dark sky it dances all around us