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released December 30, 2016

All songs written and performed by Birote The Musical
Neil Gross: Guitar / Trumpet / Vocals
Frank Macias: Upright Bass / Vocals
Chowie: Drums / Vocals

Recorded and Mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios

Artwork by Maximo Huete



all rights reserved


Birote The Musical San Dimas, California

Making love like Whoopi Goldberg.

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Track Name: The Good Guy
I would say i'm a good guy, oh i know i haven't shaved in a few days oh i know my shoes are a little scuffy and worn out but i'm a good guy, you can feel safe around me hey wait, why are you running? i just wanted to see if you needed some help crossing the street in your old age.
I go up to my friend Emmanuel and proclaim, i tell him i think all these people are intimidated by my good looks. My friend Emmanuel looks at me and he says to me he says "i think all these people are just intimidated by your huge ass eyebrows" so i thought about it, and speculated, i thought about and speculated
The paradox and helions inside dymethaltryptamine whisper throughout the famine drought of thoughts that ravage in my brain but it's okay, i'll wear it as a hat i mean all these evil thoughts that keep me as the genius poet i am, i am the real good guy here you'll all see
I feel it itching in the bottom of my lungs with these Buddhist bagpipes whispering the ending of the song what does it mean? the pretty little song bird sings a passing train, blows by me and i somehow feel alright alone
Track Name: Korean Supermarket
I can see it in your eyes you wont go anywhere near me, oh well were both stuck on this elevator for twenty or so more seconds, yeah i can see it in your eyes you think i'm just a skinny brown green card creep, or maybe its just me and my imagination trying to convince me that i am worse off here oh no, i'm having sexy thoughts! No more. My friend Esteban is worried for me and asks me if i got any sleep. I told him I've been up all night listening to techno to try to help me finally sleep. Esteban is a cashier at this Korean supermarket and on days like this I ask him for some advice so then he asks me why i write so many of these lame songs that make me sad and to my left i see one of those fleshy hairless cats oh no him having sexy thoughts!!!! Esteban laughs at my backwards shirt, he tells me this korean supermarket, their hiring janitorial artists, i look down, at the application and sweat. Curse these evil thoughts contorting my chest oh this blue baby bird left its nest in my chest with some messed up egg
On my way home I was just reading a short story Esteban wrote and a fucking big ass beetle fly's in my fucking mouth, and then i find out the application fell out the hole in my back pocket oh no oh shit I'm having sexy thoughts
Track Name: Bulldog
The bulldog, fell off some stupid tree and fell on her head. She smells bad, itching and biting her paw off. Her ribs were poking out, i stuck out my finger and laughed. I watched that funny looking bulldog eat a baby bird that fell off a tree in my reflection in the muddy water. I'm broke, rubbing my fingers through the little holes in my pockets, growling, growling like my empty stomach, i'll bleed. ripping my scabs off so i'll smell them right after i'll bleed. Dreaming en la manguera. I am an angry bulldog. They're blue, the way these birds sing. And all these clouds, look like funny stories you told me
Track Name: Ugly Bastard
My grandma holds me upside down when i was just standing in my front yard trying to concentrate on growing my mustache with a fist full of pubes in my clenched 12 year old hand my dog louie stares up at me with honest love, and my ankles will scab up again, feeling her cold eyes on me while i wait for this mustache to grow in. My grandma always told me i was ugly, then id go to my backyard and pick fleas off my dogs belly, and my grandma b rings out el cinturon. My grandma brings out el cinturon. "Que es lo que ases babosso marano?" my grandma would ask me. "Que es lo que tienes adentro de tu mano?" She would say
Its in my heart, its in my head. The poetry in this situation while i get my ass beat by my grandma and el cinturon. Abuelita porque me estas pegando tan fuerte me estas alastimando i would cry, "Chivo feo, que no tienes madre" she would tell me. So there i was with no mustache and a bruised up ass, el cinturon stashed away in the darkest oceans of my memories, Louie looks up at me, licks my sweaty nose, i sit there with him and sob, and think. Would i make a pretty granddaughter? in my dreams i would be marvelous, if i was a beautiful granddaughter or am i just an ugly bastard?
Track Name: Mango
I told you i'm not Puertorican. Uhhhhhhhhh. These voices laugh loud, poking my rib cage with seafood in its fucking mouth! Oh well i didn't really mean it like that. Oh well fuck you guys too then!! oh well that feels kinda good.... The mango wears one soggy glove and hiccups though the naisely throat of these laughing voices in the shape of television contracts hinting that my name was Phoung this whole time. They're laughing and use my shitty lyricism for material for a badly placed sit com about me as an old Vietnamese grandma selling mangos next to god off the freeway with a tiny puppy tied to a string on her left leg. Mango
Track Name: What's Real Tsubasa
That's not the sound of a constipated walrus. Thats a song we wrote. I could spank my monkey to women that will never love me. Or just make me soup, i cant eat. Earthquake. Make something happen. Or just make me soup, i cant eat. Cuz I was born an astronaut, but then I grew up and somehow i cant breathe with all this space in my brain. I do. All these songs sound the same change the subject. Laugh alone in your room with tears on your cheeks. I dreamt of you again. I do
Track Name: Rockslide
You doze off, in my hair. The coup de gras and me. I forget it. You laugh at me, but i love you. Hold my head. And i hope you dont mind. These big rocks inside my brain. I laugh out alone in my room. my shoes are still wet on my feet. Fuck these big rocks inside my head. Rain drops dead end though the cracks on the rooftop and i think niko is hiding somethwere under the trailer. Big plastic buddahs staring out at the dusty antic shop windows watching the warm rain nosedive into every second of my childhood. That night i woke up and thought about all the bad things. Then i laid in bed and thought about Louie when he was a puppy
Track Name: Christmas Boy The Vietnamese Wonder
I cant go to the grocery store over there, the Chinese ESL student has already seen me naked, she stands out in the front passing out catholic panflits and she always seems sick when she looks at me. So i sat down at the bus stop next to a tired looking nurse she smiled big when she looked at my face, her two small kids holding grocery bags while my heart poured out into a water color waterfall. Thats when i offered to sell her my rare edition nike air jordans. She politely said no thanks, i told her i insist. She said please young man you seem troubled, just leave me alone. The sleepy nurse stood up grabbed her grocery bags her children and ran down the street. is it me? Has it always been me? am i a creep? or am i just a misunderstood sensitive poet? I decided i was a moody sensitive poet with my nike air jordans in my left hand. That night i rode home on the bus there was this fat bulldog inside this sleeping mans sweater staring at the chocolate in my hand, i gave the dog half and got off at my stop and asked myself, where i was going wrong. They called him Christmas boy the Vietnamese wonder, His name was Jason Ngyuen i never knew why they all called him that, We both knew i wasn't a very nice person but he still sat down with me, And when it got quiet he always put his arm around me for some reason and told me everything would be okay some day
Track Name: Nina Moko
The devil sleeps inside my shoe n climbs up my arm and up my shoulder bumps into the angel on my left side. Its on my shoulder, its on my shoulder when this little girl walks up to me with a flower in her small hand. It's on my shoulder, its on my shoulder she laughed at my nosebleed with mucus running down her lips. That smelly little girl followed me home and kept talking to me about how cute hamsters are i already know they're fucking cute. She laughed at the way i walked and kept poking me with a muddy stick all the way home. Nina moko told me i looked like i was about to scream and gave me a napkin for my bloody nose. Mucus running down her chin she gave me a flower and asked me why i looked so sad. I held the pretty flower up to my nose. It smelled like childhood. Then my fucking throat started to close up and my eyes slanted and started to smell like microwaved frogs. The little girl wiped mucus off her face and looked scared, she screamed oh no, what's happening to you? The boils on my face started to laugh, i ran home held my face and cried. A week later i found that little flower, sleeping in my pocket covered in dirty lint, my heart grew a mucus drenched garden while i slept
Track Name: Graduation Day
In my graduation day, there was a bird. Weezing in the breeze. Just fell off some tree. She sang i cant breathe, no i cant breathe. I don't hate you. I don't. just let me sleep. Just stay out. Out of my dreams. But i'll wake up from a dream where you just held my hand. A quiet storm inside my heart when i just love you. I'll fall asleep. For a whole year. and i'll wake up with chandler and frank around a bon fire. Its the graduation ceremony